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The Logic of Domains
Main contributor
David Ribes (University of Washington)
The logic of domains has become a key organizing principle for contemporary computing projects and for data science more broadly. The logic parses collectives of expertise into “domains” that are to be studied or engaged in order to inform computational advancements and/or interventions on the domains themselves. The concept of a domain is set against a proposition that there is a more general, „domain independent“ or „agnostic“ technique that can serve to intermediate the domains. This presentation contrasts instances of this discourse, organizing and techne, drawing from cases in artificial intelligence, software engineering, and science policy to illustrate three ongoing figurations of the logic as i) experimental research, ii) formalization in method and software tools, and iii) as a de facto organizing principle for science policy and technology development. (
Cornelius Schubert
Panel IV | Digital Care
SFB 1187 Jahrestagung 2019
SFB 1187
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MEDIAS: 47243_16