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Data Multiple: Diagnostics, Cooperation and Media on a Hospital Ward
Main contributors
Julia Kurz (University of Siegen); Dmitri Presnov (University of Siegen)
We study medical data in the complex information ecology of a neurosurgical ward. As a result, we analyse medical data as operating on multiple levels of diagnostics, cooperation and media. In a first step, we will describe the information ecology of the ward showing how different kinds of medical data, e.g. clinical symptoms, body-imaging data or administrative data, are interwoven with phases of the work-flow and respective cooperative practices as well as media use. We find a complex interplay of electronic and paper-based data practices that shape diagnostics and cooperation through different modes of in/accessibility. By this, we identified cooperative-diagnostic data that constitutes the basis for developing cooperative-diagnostic visualisations. In a second step we will explain our own data practices during formalizing and enhancing such “cooperative diagnostic data” for the visualization app. For that matter, the technical solution is not designed as universal application for integrating all medical data in one device. Rather we turn our attention in building an app to fit in the existing information ecology with its well-established practices. (
Panel IV | Digital Care
SFB 1187 Jahrestagung 2019
SFB 1187