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Sprinting with Data
Main contributor
Tommaso Venturini (Centre for Internet and Society)
Data-sprints are intensive research and data crunching workshops where participants coming from different academic and non-academic background convene physically to work together on a set of data and research questions. They have their roots in a series of organizational innovation introduced in the field of digital humanities and open source development but have been adapted to the need of scientific research in the social sciences. Their goal is to generete research outputs in a “quick and dirty” way, in situations where the contribution of a plurality of disciplines is needed as well as the collaboration with actors outside the academia. In this talk, I will discuss the conceptual bases of this original research format and provide some advice on how to convene this kind of events. (
Panel III | Data Ethnography
SFB 1187 Jahrestagung 2019
SFB 1187
Other Identifier
MEDIAS: 47243_09