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From Dahlbruch to the World: Organizing a Company for International Markets in the 1960s Abstract
Main contributor
Christian Henrich-Franke (Siegen)
The SIEMAG in Dahlbruch is among the oldest companies in this region. It was founded in 1871 as hammer and in 1927 the company entered the market for rolling mills. After World War II the SIEMAG expanded their array of products and began to produce typewriters as one of the largest manufacturer in Germany with more than 2000 employers. Typewriters were the springboard for the company to enter the expanding market for data procession and data communication. Together with the ZUSE KG the SIEMAG developed the Saldoquick 1, a combination of typewriter and desktop calculator, that very successfully entered the market in 1954.
To sell and produce their products on international markets across Europe and the globe the company decided to reorganise its internal structure in the 1950s. A professional sales centre was opened in Düsseldorf, a new manufacturing base was set up in Eiserfeld and a new office organisation was established at the traditional headquarters in Dahlbruch and Buschhütten. Such a decentralised organisation required new methods and technologies of cooperation. Information systems had to be implemented, which connected the different sites and staff members.
The presentation will discuss the different modes of cooperation between sites, employers and media (technologies), which were established by the SIEMAG in the 1950s and 1960s. Particular focus is put on the interaction between humans and techniques.
Panel 1 | Implementing Information Systems
SFB 1187 Jahrestagung 2017
SFB 1187